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Healthy Kids Day 2024

Each year the Kishwaukee Family YMCA celebrates Healthy Kids Day, the Y’s national initiative to improve the health and well-being of kids and families. Healthy Kids Day will include interactive, fun play and educational activities to keep kids active and learning. You’ll also be able to sign up for Summer Camp and Summer programs!

Date: Saturday, April 13th 

Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Location: Kishwaukee Family YMCA

Cost: FREE 

For more information or to participate as a community partner, please contact Eric Petre –

Kishwaukee Family YMCA – Healthy Kids Day

The Kishwaukee Family YMCA is hosting the Y’s annual Healthy Kids Day® on April 13th at 1:00pm located at 2500 N. Bethany Rd, Sycamore IL. This free, annual event features a variety of family-friendly activities to encourage healthy kids, healthy families and a healthy start to the summer season. In celebration of this annual kick-off to summer, we are sharing a list of five activities that we encourage you to introduce to your kids. The goal is to have them try something new by promoting a variety of opportunities to get involved in active play – hopefully, this will inspire a lifetime love of physical and mental activity! Share these activities with your children and inspire them to “find their fun” by discovering an activity that they love!

Find Your Swimming Skills with Y Swim Lessons
Each year the Y teaches 800+ children to swim. This helps them find their CONFIDENCE, teaches a lifelong skill and introduces them to safety around water. Visit to learn more about Y swim lessons.

Find Your Adventure with Y Summer Camp
Summer is a time for kids to explore new things and expand the limits of their imagination. At Kish YMCA Summer Camp , every day is a new adventure! Whether experiencing a new activity,  having a blast with new friends at summer day camp, many children and teens find their ADVENTURE with the Y. Visit to learn more about Y summer camp.

Find your Passion with Y Sports
Youth sports are just the start of something bigger– , aside from teaching fundamental skills, they also teach the value of teamwork, help fuel determination and build character. At Kishwaukee Family YMCA we have over 20 sports programs or leagues to help keep children active while igniting their PASSION for something greater. Visit to learn more about Y sports .

Find Your Curiosity with STEM Programs
Our Intro to Making & Engineering with NIU STEAM, includes activities that help inspire wonder about the world around us. Guiding children to find their CURIOSITY is key to helping them reach their full potential. Visit to learn more about Y STEM programs.