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Swim Lesson Instructor Certification

Learn to teach YMCA Swim Lessons!

After successful completion of this course, instructors will be able to identify components of the YMCA Swim Lessons continuum, demonstrate the behaviors of an effective YMCA Swim Lessons Instructor, maintain an inclusive environment of learning while keeping order in a positive and safe environment, employ swim teaching techniques that break down the critical features of a swimmer’s skill progression at any age and stage and demonstrate the swim instructor’s role in the safety process and during an emergency.

Swim Lesson Instructor Training
Dates: May 3-May 6
Time: 5:00pm-9:00pm

Pre-Requisites for attending the Swim Lesson Instructor Training
1. Complete a CPR/AED and Oxygenation Training Course
Wednesday, April 21 at 6:30pm
2. Upload your certificate into the system
3. Complete 3 online training courses
Principles of Youth Development
YMCA Swim Lessons Instructor V6: Observe & Communicate
YMCA Swim Lessons Instuctor V6: Orientation

If you are currently a Kishwaukee Family YMCA staff member: You would be paid for your time, as well as for the online training, and reimbursed for any costs incurred in becoming certified.

Please let Kayla Heimerman (  or Cami Loving ( by Friday, April 16, if you’re interested in becoming certified!