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Michael’s Story

“I am so pleased with the changes to my body. Not too long ago my doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medication. I knew that if I lost weight my blood pressure would go down. I am a senior citizen that is a month away from 66 years old.

Early last April I started coming to the YMCA on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as part of my diet and exercise regimen. I spent about 25 minutes each day exercising my upper body on the weight machines. I am handicapped and walk with a four point cane so I am limited from doing let work but, I still get 25 minutes elevated heart rate work.

I have lost 18 pounds since joining the YMCA and last Wednesday I had my blood pressure checked and its back in the normal range. My first goal was to get my blood pressure down without drugs and I did it! My risk of type two diabetes has also dropped dramatically. I feel better and have more energy. I am again committed to living a healthy lifestyle after thirteen years away from it.

The YMCA made me feel comfortable from day one despite my handicap. I am very happy I joined the YMCA. It changed my life”

Michael Nelson – Kishwaukee Family YMCA Member