Kishwaukee Family YMCA

Functional Training Room Schedule

Our new Functional Training Room makes exercise more like play. The room features the Queenax, an innovative training apparatus that centers on functional fitness — exercises that mimic real life activities to improve cardiovascular endurance and gain strength, flexibility, and conditioning. Workouts on the Queenax, led by certified instructors and trainers, can involve a variety of equipment, from suspension straps and bars to punching bags to battle ropes. The room will have kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo boxes, and more, for fully customizable workouts — whether in a small group or one-on-one with a trainer. The Kishwaukee Family YMCA encourages you to check out this new space and our new lineup of small-group training classes to enhance your fitness and your life. The Functional Training Room is on the main floor, next to the racquetball court.