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Policies and FAQs


All active members, including children on a family membership, must present a membership card for admittance to YMCA facilities. Cards are not transferable. Loan of the card to another person will result in forfeiture of all privileges. All members are asked to have their picture taken at the member service desk at the time of membership purchase. A membership card can not be issued until a picture is taken.


Lost cards can be replaced for a $3.00 fee at the front desk. Please bring a photo ID if you need to purchase a replacement card.


Please be advised: the YMCA does not carry medical coverage on members. You are advised to have accident insurance in the event of injury. Members assume responsibility for transportation costs. The YMCA strongly recommends an annual physical examination for all members, especially those over 35 years of age.


Based on facility usage, YMCA staff reserve the right to limit or restrict use of guest passes on a given day. Non-Family groups of 5+ must go through the rental process. Guest Passes may be purchased at our Member Services Desk. Guest fees are $8.00 for youth, $10.00 for adult (18 and older) and $18.00 for a family. The guest fee may be applied to a membership purchase in the same name and day of purchase. All guests 18 and older must present a valid photo ID in order to enter the YMCA facility and children under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present to sign YMCA guest waiver.


The AWAY program allows YMCA members limited use of other YMCAs in the country. Check the website to see if the YMCA you plan to visit participates in this program. You may also check with the front desk. Some restrictions may apply. AWAY members may register for programs at the member fee on nonmember registration days. Nonmembers and AWAY members must check in at front desk.


The YMCA occasionally takes pictures/video of our members and participants to use in various marketing materials, including our web site. If you do not wish yourself or family members to be photographed/videotaped, please step out of the camera or notify photographer before the photo/video is taken.


Membership fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and subject to change. The YMCA now uses E Cash flow to manage return EFT payments. A $25 service fee will be charged by this service for checks and EFT withdrawals returned for insufficient funds. Two consecutive NSF will result in membership cancellation. All membership payments are subject to the current membership rates. Members who allow their memberships to lapse for more than 30 Days must pay the start up fees.


Memberships may be put on hold without dues for situations involving Medical Leave or Military Leave.  Documentation is required.  Memberships may be on hold for a minimum of 2-months and a maximum of 12-months.  Hold will apply to all members on a family unit.


The YMCA reserves the right to make schedule changes to better serve our members or to combine/cancel classes due to low enrollment. At times, the YMCA may find it necessary to cancel classes. Classes will only be made up if it is possible.


Program fees cannot be refunded or credited once a class has met the second week of a session. Program fees for sports cannot be credited after the first day of the program or the first day of practice. Pro-rated fees will be given as a credit for illness or injury with a note from a physician. If the YMCA cancels a class, a prorated fee will be given as a credit. We are unable to issue credit for individual classes missed or cancellations due to weather. Credits will be accepted for one year after the date of issue.


Facility usage:


  • Need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian (18 or older) while at the YMCA, unless participating in a supervised class or signed into Kids Zone.


  • May utilize the YMCA facilities, as long as a parent or guardian (16 or older) is in the building at all times or unless they are participating in a supervised YMCA program.
  • Activity options: Basketball gym, Sports Center, and Racquetball
  • Recreation Pool (with responsible adult over the age of 16 in the water within arms reach).


  • May utilize the YMCA facilities without adult supervision.

*Non member guests between under the age of 16 MUST be signed in by parent/guardian.
*After 8:30 p.m. on Monday – Friday evenings, children through 8th grade need to be accompanied by a parent while in the building or participating in a program.
*Teens 12 -15 years who are YMCA members may use the wellness center facilities (with the exception of the free weights) after they have taken an orientation session. Sign up at the front desk. Proper behavior is required.

Group Exercise Classes:
Young adults 13 years and up may participate in adult group exercise classes and programs. Children under 13 years of age may attend classes designated as Family Friendly. Family Friendly means children can participate with a parent/guardian if able to follow instructions and be engaged in the class. 8 years old and up recommended.

Locker Rooms

• Girls/family Locker room and Boys/family Locker room
• Adult men’s and women’s locker rooms (Age 20 and older)
• 7 family changing rooms, 4 of which are ADA compliant
• Children age 6 and older should use the locker room appropriate for their gender.
• Children 5 and under may use the girls/boys locker rooms or the family changing rooms when accompanied by a parent/guardian of the opposite sex.

Family Membership:
Adult children between 18-23 years of age may remain on a family membership with proof of current full-time student status and proof that the student is claimed as a dependent.


Children under 8 need to have a responsible adult (over age 16) in the water with them within arm’s reach, unless they have passed the Swim Test. If they have passed the Swim Test but are under age 8, the adult must be in the water with them but the child may swim in both the shallow and deep end of the pool.
Children 8-10 years old need to have a responsible adult (over age 16) in the pool area with them (e.g. on the deck). Children who have not passed a Swim Test must remain in the shallow end of the pool unless the adult is in the water with them and within an arm’s reach. Children who have passed the Swim Test may swim in both the shallow and deep end of the pool.
Children over age 10 may swim in the shallow end of the pool unless they have passed a Swim Test. Children who have passed the Swim Test may swim in both the shallow and deep end of the pool.

Swim Tests are available 15 minutes after swim lessons end each evening. They may also be available other times depending on the availability of a lifeguard. Once a child has passed the Swim Test, (s)he should ask for a Swim Test wrist band at the front desk when checking in. All children under age 16 must be wearing a Swim Test wrist band in order to swim unaccompanied in the deep end.

Activity Center:
Children 8 – 17 years may enjoy the activity center without a parent or guardian present. Children under 7 years and younger may use the activity center with a parent or guardian (16 yrs or older). Adults 18 and up must be accompanied by a child.

Wellness Center:

  • Family Fit Orientations (Ages 8-11)
    Following the completion of the Family Fit Orientation, members will have access to use the all cardio equipment, selectorized weight machines and body weight exercises. They will also be educated in performing body weight exercises.
    1. Since it is a family affair, parents or guardians must attend the orientation and work out with their youth in future visits. Members must pass a test and have parent consent at the end of the orientation, prior to facility access.
    2. Parents/Guardians and children are both required to wear a
    Green Wristband while in the Wellness Center together, indicating they have completed the Family Fit Orientation. Wristband can be picked up at the Member Relations Desk.
    3. YMCA Employees reserve the right to ask both parents/guardians and children to leave the Wellness Center if they do not have a wristband and are not together at all times.

    Study Guide

    Mondays 10:15am & 6:15pm
    Saturdays 11:00am

    Youth/Tween Orientation (Ages 12-15)
    Following the completion of the Youth/Tween Orientation, members will have access to use all cardio equipment, selectorized strength machines and light free weights not within the free weight area.
    1. Members must pass a test at the end of the orientation, prior to facility access.
    2. Youth are required to wear a Green Wristband while in the Wellness Center; wristbands can be picked up at the Member Relations Desk.
    3. YMCA employees reserve the right to ask youth/tweens to leave the Wellness Center if they do not have a wristband and are
    abusing their privilege of being in the Wellness Center.

    Study Guide

    Mondays 10:15am & 6:15pm
    Saturdays 11:00am

    Teen/Adult Orientation (Ages 16+)
    Get acquainted with the Wellness Center equipment, learn safe techniques for equipment use, proper lifting form, and etiquette. Chat with one of our friendly and experienced staff about your fitness goals.
    1. Even if you’ve used the equipment before, this orientation is extremely helpful. During this 45-minute session a trained wellness staff member will lead you through cardio and strength equipment to better understand how to use them properly to get the most
    out of your workout.

    Appointments are available the following days and times:

    Wednesday 10:00am-10:45am
    Thursday 6:00pm-6:45pm
    Saturday 11:00am-11:45am

Steam & Sauna:
Steam and Sauna rooms are available to our members and guests 20 years and up.


  • Please pick up a class pass from the front desk. Passes will be put out 30 minutes before the start of the class.
  • If there is a class that has low enrollment consistently for two weeks, we reserve the right to cancel the class.


For safety reasons, the YMCA pools will close during storms which include thunder and lightning.  Pools will reopen 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder.


We request cell phones be turned off and put away when using the locker rooms. For the safety and comfort of all those sharing the locker room facilities, please dry off in the drying room. For your own safety and protection, bring your own lock and keep your locker locked at all times. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave valuables at home. Please note that locks remaining on lockers after the facility closes may be cut off, so please take your lock home with you.


Racquetball and Wally ball courts are free to members. Courts may be reserved 1 day in advance. An adult must accompany children under 13. Eye protection is recommended. Equipment may be checked out at the front desk at no charge.


In the event of inclement weather, the YMCA will make the decision. Decisions for canceling afternoon and evening classes will be determined at a later time that day. Please call the YMCA (815)756-9577 for more information. An email will be sent regarding a closure to those signed up for Enews. Visit to sign up. Refunds will not be given for classes canceled due to inclement weather.


YMCA Code of Conduct:
At the YMCA, we expect staff, members and guests to behave in accordance with our mission and values at all times, respecting the rights and dignity of others. We demonstrate Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Faith by:

  • Dressing appropriately, speaking in respectful tones and refraining from the use of vulgar or derogatory language.
  • Resolving conflicts in a respectful, honest and caring manner. Never resorting to physical contact or threatening gestures.
  • Respecting others by refraining from intimate behavior in public; abstaining from contact of a sexual nature.
  • Respecting the property of others; never engaging in theft or destruction.
  • Creating a safe, caring environment; never carrying illegal firearms or devices.
  • Participating in programs to build a healthy spirit, mind, and body; never engaging in the use, sale, dispensing or possession of illegal drugs or narcotics, or the unsanctioned use of alcohol on YMCA premises.

In accordance with our efforts to make participation at our YMCA a positive experience for everyone, please note that non-compliance with the YMCA Code of Conduct and regulations may result in suspension or termination of YMCA membership.