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Extended Wellness Center Hours

The YMCA Wellness Center will now be open extended hours, Monday-Friday until 1AM. We want to make sure all of our YMCA members can get the most use out of their membership. Below is some general information, guidelines, and the extended hours. As always, if you have questions please feel free to call or stop by. We’re excited for the new change!

What’s Available:

During the Extended Hours the Weight Room and Cardio Equipment along with the restrooms in the Sports Center will be available. Due to safety reasons the rest of the facility will not be available at this time.

After Hours Guidelines

  • The Y “Extended Hours” is for Kishwaukee Family YMCA members only. Access will only be permitted with a YMCA key card. Please verify with the front desk that your membership is active and you have been granted access to the wellness center entrance prior to your first extended hours visit.
  • To access the Y Extended Hours please use the Wellness Center entrance of the building. (Door B) If you are unsure of where this entrance is please ask a staff member. Signs are posted at the entrance.
  • Sign-in will be at the staffed desk. Please be sure to sign in before you begin your work out.
  • Due to safety reasons the locker rooms and other areas of the facility will not be available at this time. Please try to have all of your belongings out of the locker rooms by the end of regular operating hours. A restroom will be available in the Sports Center.
  • No money transactions will take place during these hours. During this time you will not be able to sign up for memberships or any programs but we’d be more than happy to help you during our regular business hours.
  • Adults only (Ages 18 and up) are permitted during Extended Hours. Monday through Friday 1opm-1am.

Extended Wellness Center Hours:

Monday: 10pm-1am
Tuesday: 10pm-1am
Wednesday: 10pm-1am
Thursday: 10pm-1am
Friday: 10pm-1am

*YMCA Extended Hours are subject to change on Holidays and will follow our regular Business hours.