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Personal Training

“Did you know that 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want? But out of the 25% of people that are getting results, 90% of them are working with a Personal Trainer” (IDEA). Your time is valuable and the world is full of conflicting information regarding exercise. Our trainers have the knowledge and skills to maximize the use of the latest exercise techniques to help you reach your goals, whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds, compete in a triathlon, or just get healthy.

All of our trainers are nationally certified and/or have a degree, with several years of training experience improving the lives of a wide variety of clients. Make the most of your exercise time. Contact the Healthy Living Director to find out how your goals can be reached with the help of a Y personal trainer!

Benefits of Personal Training

Everyone knows that exercise is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health. Exercising with a Personal Trainer can change your life. Our trainers provide knowledge, accountability and motivation. They can create exercise programs specifically designed to help you reach your goals. If you have a history of starting and stopping exercise programs, personal training is a great way to help you develop consistency. If exercise is already part of your lifestyle, Personal Training can take you to new heights.

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Types of Personal Training

Individual Training

Been struggling to achieve your goals? Bored with the same workouts you’ve been doing forever? Your body deserves a NEW, unique fitness plan, designed for you! At the Kishwaukee Family  YMCA you can attain the goal you have been striving for by using a personal trainer. They can be your coach, motivator, educator and inspirational leader on your fitness journey.

A personal trainer will help determine your goals and design a program specific to your needs. They are certified and knowledgeable on a variety of topic and training regimens, allowing for flexibility, fun and ultimately progress!

30 Minute Sessions

45 Minute Sessions

60 Minute Sessions

Partner Training

We know it’s hard to make a change alone, so we have taken the stress away by adding Partner Training Sessions! You can have your 30, 45 or 60 minute session with your best friend, mom, brother or daughter! This 2-on-1 method still makes it easy for you to get everything you want out of a personal trainer, but you are able to have a partner.

30 Minute Sessions

45 Minute Sessions

60 Minute Sessions

Small Group Personal Training

Class times don’t fit your schedule? Grab 2-5 of your friends for our cost-effective personal training PODS. You and your friends work with a certified personal trainer who is committed to helping you improve your physical fitness, health and overall quality of life. All sessions are catered to the groups’ needs to help everyone achieve maximum results and meet their fitness goals!

30 Minute Sessions

45 Minute Sessions

60 Minute Sessions

TRX Training

Suspension Training exercise techniques are designed to intentionally displace one’s center of gravity, which activates the core in every exercise. In addition to offering a range of intense movements targeting the abdominal muscles specifically, significant fore strengthening is integrated into each back, shoulder, chest, hip and leg exercise as well. Learn More

30 Minute Sessions

45 Minute Sessions


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Meet our Trainers


Sally Alef

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Instructor


“Everyone has different stories and different needs. I love hearing those stories and helping people find out what those needs are. As a trainer, I am privileged to help people on their journey to losing weight, increasing muscle strength, and becoming more fit. But the real joy comes in seeing them gain more confidence, improve their self-esteem, and have more energy to do the things they love. I don’t want to just help people wear a smaller size or easily climb a flight of stairs, I want to give them the support, knowledge, and the skills they need to live healthier happier lives.”

personal_training_photosJulene Ensign

ACE Certification since 1999 (American Council on Exercise)
M.S. Univ. of Illinois in Kinesiology
PH.d Univ. of Illinois 2015
Group Power Instructor 2005
Lay Responder, American Red Cross

“I enjoy personal training because I love the challenge of helping people discover new things about themselves as they work toward a greater degree of wellness. It’s fun to see the transformation that takes place as a person becomes more fit.”

Dave Epert

W.I.T.S Certified Personal Trainer
Aquatics Exercise Instructor
Life Guard Certified
Life Guard Instructor

“Muscles are our body armor–we must keep them strong to protect our bones. I enjoy helping and educating others about safe ways to stay healthy. I love spending time at the Y, where staying fit is a way of life.”


Craig (Buddy) Fugman

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
One on one functional training, nutrition, and education

There are a lot of places one can go to work out these days. I chose to train at the YMCA, among other reasons, because the focus is on the people and not on the bottom line. Being a non for profit organization places the YMCA in an important position to play a unique role in ones health that is often taken for granted in the industry. True wellness is more than a physical thing. It is a mental and spiritual thing. Nothing supports the mind and spirit more than genuine, loving, and caring people in a welcoming and inviting environment! Because of this I am allowed the freedoms to share my knowledge of science, nutrition, and physical well being openly. I can educate in real world practical ways using the technologies available to every one of us to those who are ready to make a change. But most importantly I have the opportunity to help someone who has a “story”. Maybe I can help someone who’s story is like mine, with past struggles being overweight and fighting depression. Or being an ear to listen and/or the voice of encourage for those looking to take that next step. Either way I have the opportunity to build positive relationships, work hard, and ultimately have a lot of fun doing it!


personal_training_photos3Carrie Hallahan

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor

“I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. I became a trainer after I had hit my heaviest weight following my second C-section. I was over 220lbs, very depressed about fitting into normal clothes, and thought I had ruined my body. I discovered healthy eating with correct portion sizes; along with interval and weight training that didn’t take hours of time that I did not have, with small children to raise. As a result, I developed a new outlook on life. I went from a size 14+ to a size six in 12 weeks and never looked back. I taught my family and hundreds of others the keys to eating healthy and keeping an active lifestyle. My biggest achievement is sharing my success with others and seeing it work in their lives, too.”

fredFred Harris

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA Youth Fitness Trainer
ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
Group Exercise Instructor
DSCT Strength and Conditioning Coach
Super Spartan Race Finisher
Tuff Mudder Finisher

“As a newly retired US Army Airborne Ranger fitness is in my blood. I have led, planned, and participated in rigorous physical training on a constant basis for the last 22 plus years in the military. I have helped many young non-confident Soldiers build up their self-esteem, confidence and physical fitness level with hard work, dedication, desire and compassion. I look forward to having the privilege to share my knowledge and help you live a healthy lifestyle”

20151204_171024Kyle Luebke

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
B.S. Elmhurst College in KinesiologyTRX Trainer

I like working at the Y because the atmosphere is so positive and everyone that comes through the doors are so willing to go above and beyond to try and reach their goals. I like to help people in general reach their highest fitness potential and keep them striving for that healthy lifestyles. I love interacting with the people that come into the YMCA because everyone has a different story to tell. I have worked with people in nursing homes and people with back problems and working at the Y has given me that experience to work with more active individuals and to further my knowledge in working with different populations.


Tracy McGee

WITS personal trainer certification

I believe everyone can improve their fitness level no matter their age or what their physical condition may be. I feel workouts that are functional and mirror your lifestyle will make daily life more enjoyable and can improve your quality of life. I like to make your workouts challenging and interesting so you have fun while staying focused.

Tim MacPartland

W.I.T.S. Certified

I started regularly weight lifting my freshman year in high school and began competitive power lifting a few years later. Since then, I have helped many friends and family members work toward their own fitness goals. I really enjoyed helping them so I decided to become a personal trainer. Since starting at the Y I have learned so much and love working with people to achieve better health and fitness.

IMG_0399Laura Petrone

Hi, I’m Laura. I am an ACE certified personal trainer. My love for fitness and athletics began when I ran track in high school. I became a personal trainer because my passion is helping people to achieve a healthier quality of life. My goal as a trainer is to design personalized workout routines that are unique to each individual.



Mike Sweeney

AFAA Personal Training Certification
2012 World Bench Press Record Holder
Honored Russia “Master of Sport”
Marathon and Half Marathon finisher
Coached IRONMAN Finisher & 2012 World Powerlifting Champ

“I have trained clients of all ability levels and ages, from grade school to 80 plus years old, and helped them all to improve. I walked into the YMCA in second grade and was mentored by the finest individuals and programs possible. Fifty years later, I thank these individuals and the organization for helping me develop in the sound Christian principles of the YMCA, mind…body…and spirit. Individuals that partner with me realize that their “someday…is today!”